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Simply put, provably fair means that any bet outcome can be independently verified and that the house or other players have no means of tampering with the result.
Yes. The whole gameplay is controlled by Ethereum Smart Contract that computes random numbers based on house inputs and blockchain data (block hashes). Any party can audit the contract as well as inspect any transaction to make sure that neither nor malicious players are influencing the results.
Placing a bet on has much lower transaction fee compared to competing houses − this allows supporting bets as low as 0.01 ETH.

Our dice game is funded by the exchange whenever a user buys or sell DICE tokens (5% goes to the dice game).

Furthermore, the 1% house edge from the dice game will be distributed among token holders in the exchange.

This is where we have to get a bit technical:

  • picks a secret random number and provides you with its hash.
  • You send your bet in Ethereum transaction to our smart contract along with the hash from previous step.
  • At this point has already commited to a number, prior to you chosing an outcome.
  • Once your transaction is confirmed by the network, the contract stores the hash and bet details.
  • Our croupier bot "reveals" the number by sending a bet settling transaction.
  • The contract accepts the transaction if and only if the hash of provided number is the same as the stored one.
  • The contract mixes the number and block hash of the bet transaction to get a random number.
  • The contract decides whether you won or lost and sends you the winning amount of Ether.

  • Can tamper with the results? Nope, as the contract keeps track of secret number's hash, meaning the house cannot change the number after the bet has been accepted. Mixing the block hash with the numbers makes the result totally random yet disallows miners from crafting winning bets. On the other hand, themselves cannot control bet outcomes either because of block hash component. This is a well-known "commitment scheme" which enables to provide gambling-grade random number generation allowing for big bets, jackpots and quick settlements while being fully transparent.
Feel free to study our Smart Contract - it's verified on Etherscan. In case you have any questions or hesitations, drop us a line via Discord, Telegram or e-mail.
You own the house!

Every bet is deducted 1% in favour of the house (to be distributed among token holders in the exchange). By purchasing DICE tokens from the exchange, you will be entitle to receive a portion of the 1% house edge from the dice game. The percentage you received depends on the amount of tokens held by you divided by the total tokens in the exchange.

The house profits are paid out on a quarterly basis. The house profits will be distributed among token holders in the exchange via the Reinvestment contract.

The developer/administrator cannot divert the funds to their own wallet address as the addresses are hardcoded in the smart contract. The only way for the developer/administrator to profit is to be a token holder, just like you.
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